Witness for the Persecution theatre review

Witness for the Persecution brings you into the heart of a courtroom drama, keeping the audience at the edge of their seats as they get the taste of acting as judge and jury.

Witness for the Persecution intrigued me from the moment I heard about. It promised to be a real life courtroom experience where the audience is invited to be a part of the jury. Written by Agatha Christie, Witness for the Persecution is staged in an old court room at London County Hall. Where once the hall was the stage for Mayoral debates, it has now been transformed into a theatre truly bringing the story of Leonard Vole to life.

The story begins with Leonard Vole, a young attractive man who befriends a rich older lady seemingly looking for friendship and companionship. She is then killed, leaving all her inheritance to him. The case is stacked against him. He is seen with blood on his clothes but has an alibi, his German refugee who is too classy and polished. However she refuses to lie for him and is subsequently revealed to have secrets of her own. Is Vole as innocent as he is being made out to be? Is he the victim?

The play engulfs you into its narrative from the off. You are plunged into the courtroom drama and you genuinely want to believe that Vole is innocent. It is remarkable how well the courtroom is used to illustrate the drama. The stage is in the centre of the room but the way it is transformed to be the courtroom dock to the living room of the counsel is very well done. British actors David Yelland and Phillip Franks are brilliant as the defence duo and really set the stage to light in their scenes.

It really was a great night out and we loved being a part of the action whilst watching the story unfold. For tickets to see Witness for the Persecution, see here.

Sanoobar x


  1. June 11, 2019 / 10:01 am

    I’ve been meaning to go and see this for the longest time! I really loved the fact that you’re in an actual courtroom and I love that you’re photos have given me an idea of what to expect when I do (eventually) go! x


  2. Jared Davies
    September 13, 2019 / 6:47 pm

    wow this looks so good! hadn’t heard of it until this, making me want to and see it!


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