Wandering through Wisteria in London

Crisscross bow tie blouse Chiffon maxi skirt in pink

Wisteria is a fleeting season in London but I made it my mission this year to get a glimpse of them before they disappeared on me.

Wisteria in London is delicate, precious and fleeting and it is also one of my absolute favourites of the year. I absolutely love when they bloom and after trying since the last three years, I finally caught it this year. The flower usually blooms in April and continues to bloom into May and you can often smell it before you see it. It smells of Spring and some of the best places to see it, is in some of the most photogenic parts of London.

Floral Watercolour dress
Garland of Flowers dress
Flowy chiffon wrap pleated dress
Sunset Gradient dress

If my words don’t convince, just check out these incredible photos and let me know in the comments what you really think about these incredible Wisteria blossoms.

Lacy edge cold-shouldered top

A huge thank you to Chicwish for these beautiful outfits, perfect for these enviable Wisteria shots!


Sanoobar x

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