Winter Lights Festival in Canary Wharf

Winter Lights has a dedication to illumination and it returned to Canary Wharf with a bang this year.

Winter always seems like a long haul struggle to find the motivation to do anything interesting. The Winter Lights festival came back for a fifth year and showed all of us that though the festive months are behind us, we can still come together to marvel at colour filled art installations. The festival brings together artists from all over Europe, showing off unbridled imagination and art light technology.

There were 21 light installations stationed throughout Canary Wharf and maps in hand, we wandered throughout the area marvelling at the gorgeous art available to see. My favourite was SquidSoup’s ‘Submergence’ a cube of shimmering lights and colours which enthralled me at first sight.

There were also food vendors on hand to serve the usual comfort food to keep us warm whilst wandering around Canary Wharf. I had a great time discovering the installations and it was good fun to see adults taking on the mission to find them all.

For more information about the Winter Lights festival, see here.

Sanoobar x

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