Why i think World Book Day should be for adults too


World Book Day is celebrating its 20th birthday today and i felt like i had to post about it. I remember World Book Day being so much fun at school, the one day in the calendar where we were put into costumes and made to take part in a parade around the school. I still remember my mum sewing a Little Red Riding hood outfit for me, which i then went on to wear every year at school.

I know it is to much annoyance to many people but i genuinely believe that it special. It celebrates authors, illustrations and books and has over 100 countries participate in the day all over the world. The main aim of the day to get children into reading but i think it should be applied more so to adults too.

I was a real bookworm as a child but as an adult, my reading habit has waned. Life has got in the way and with the internet and TV boxsets, i don’t get enough time out time and it has stopped being an activity for me. More adults need to be pushed into loving reading again. So many surveys in the world have shown that reading helps adults with a number of mental illnesses and what we learn as adults, we pass on to the younger generation.

Today lets celebrate World Book Day and use it as a reminder the joy that books can bring into the world. They open up our minds to possibilities and i can only hope that this post can inspire just one of you out there to read a book.

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Sanoobar x

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