Why be a vegetarian? #WorldVegetarianDay

I have to say the most common question I have been asked about being a vegetarian is why? I come from a family who all meat, chicken and fish so what happened to me to become a vegetarian. Becoming a vegetarian was a very definite decision for me around the age of 12, I had never big meat or chicken fan and it felt right for me to become a vegetarian. I started to feel more and more guilty about eating meat and I felt so unclean eating it. I didn’t like knowing that for me to eat, a living thing with thoughts and feelings had to die. Let me just say, these are my personal feelings and I have no issue of anyone else eating it.

Being a vegetarian has been linked people being thinner, having low cholesterol and low risk of Cardiovascular disease. I can’t comment on any of these but being a vegetarian has meant that I have learnt to eat healthier instinctively. I know what makes my body feel stodgy or bloated so I know when I have been naughty and let myself eat junk food. I have a notoriously bad sweet tooth so I have to be really careful that I do follow a balanced diet.

I have been asked if I would ever go vegan and that one is always going to be a no from me. I love milk chocolate, gelato and cake too much to go that far.

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