What to do on a day trip to Oxford

Oxford is one of my favourite places to visit in the UK and here is a quick post on what to do on a day trip to Oxford.

I love day trips out of London and going to Oxford is the ideal day trip out of London. Despite the fact that Oxford is home to one of the world’s most prestigious universities, the city itself has so much to see. Every road or alleyway you wander down, you bump into something even more historic or beautiful than the last.

Westgate Shopping Centre

The Westgate Shopping Centre is a new addition to Oxford, a brand new shopping centre which sits right in the centre of the city. The shopping centre houses all the best shops from the high street but what is great is that it is the idea place to park when you go wandering through Oxford. It is right in the middle of the centre and leaves you in walking distance of all the places that you want to visit whilst visiting.

The Story Museum

The Story Museum was an accidental discovery for me but it was so enchanting that I had to visit. The museum celebrates children’s stories and is an unusual museum created with the help of authors, teachers and artists. It is so enchanting and I really enjoyed visiting it. It is aimed at children but for a book lover like me, I really loved it.

Bodleian Library

Bodleian Library is the most famous landmark for Oxford. Though you can’t actually go inside, the library houses 12 million printed resources for use of the University of Oxford’s students. It is the principal university library and is still used by the students today. I love how it looks, an emblem of history and academia in the centre of the city.

Magdalen Bridge Boathouse

Punting on the river is something that is synonymous with Oxford. I have always wanted to go and I finally had a chance to go punting, I jumped at it. It felt like the most magical of experiences and as we were chauffeured down the river, I slowly felt all the stresses of my week float away. It is such a relaxing way to see the city and Oxford is beautiful by river.

Oxford Botanic Gardens

I will write a separate post on the Oxford Botanic Gardens but I visited them whilst having my day trip. It is right next to the Magdalen Boating Bridge so you can get to it really easy and it is definitely worth a visit.

Most of the Oxford colleges were open so we wandered around them as well. They are each unique in their own way and I love how the rooms are centred around beautiful green grass that is maintained so well. If you want an insight into Oxford University, you have to visit one of the colleges and see their historical beauty for yourself.

I had a great time visiting Oxford and it is such a unique and lovely place to have a day out that isn’t miles away from London.

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