We Day UK 2014

Co-Chair of We Day UK – Holly Branson

Blogging about my job is something i don’t really do on a daily basis to be honest but that doesn’t mean that i don’t know how fortunate i am to do what i do. Working with young people is challenging, yet the most rewarding career path that you can have. No two days are ever the same and they really do inspire you as a person and remind you about what really matters in life. Why am i saying all this? Well the culmination of the power of young people ended up me attending with some of the aforesaid young people, to an event called We Day, a day all about youth empowerment, encouraging them to be the voices and the leaders of tomorrow.
It was genuinely amazing to see all the highly influential people who turned out for this event and really made an effort to ensure all these young people were celebrated and given the chance to have their voices heard. Prince Harry came up on stage and spoke about how ‘cool’ it was to help other people and make a difference. Malala Youfzai spoke about how she was keen to see the world operate as one big family, without any form of discrimination. London’s very own Paralympian heroine Martine Wright spoke about how something good can come out of something bad and how she has found her way again. It was a heart warming and encouraging event. 

Presenters on stage including Laura Whitmore

Free The Children co-founders, Marc and Craig Kielburger 

Sam and the Womp

Former US Vice President Al Gore

Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell

Clive Owen

Sir Richard Branson 

Jameela Jamil 

Stephen Wright

The Tenors

Prince Harry

Malala Youfzai


Jennifer Hudson

Martine Wright

Jacob Artist

Jamal Edwards

Harry Potter actress Evanna Lynch

Ellie Goulding

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