Ways to tackle Blue Monday

January is always the hardest month and Blue Monday has to be the worst. Here are just a few ways to tackle the dreaded day.

Blue Monday. Officially the most depressing day of the year. Mondays can are the worst day, the first day back after a weekend of leisure and it just feels so difficult to motivate yourself to do anything. Blue Monday feels like hard work, we still have days to wait till payday and if you are in the UK, the long grey dark days just seem to drag on and on.

So here are just a few tips to get you through the dreaded Blue Monday:


Whether you are doing Veganuary or dry January, just take today off. Indulge in that chocolate bar or have a day off from the gym and just take it easy. You can get back to it all tomorrow but today, indulge and relax.

Show some kindness

We all grew up with our mothers telling us that being kind doesn’t cost you anything. Show some kindness today, help out that work colleague who has been struggling, call a relative who may be having a hard time or just give up your seat on the tube for someone who may need it more.

Look forward

Plan out the next week or month and make some plans with friends or family who you haven’t seen in a while. I am personally looking forward to Valentine’s Day being round the corner so I can watch all the soppy movies with no judgement.

Take a walk

Fresh air does the world of good. It doesn’t matter where you work or where in the UK you may live, use your lunch break to just take a walk, put your phone away and just enjoy the surroundings. You can do some window shopping or have a cup of coffee in a cafe and watch the world go by.

Just smile

If all else fails, just smile. Smile at a stranger or just smile to yourself no matter what you are feeling. It is the easiest way to lift your mood and enjoy seeing someone smile back at you.

Whether you take one of these tips away with you for Blue Monday or all of them, I wish you all a happy Monday. It may be rubbish but we are all in it together and you have to be grateful for having your health and a roof over your head.

All the best,

Sanoobar x

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