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It has been a long while since i have posted but that is partly because i have been away for most of the month. I went to Dubai back in October and then spent two weeks in India this month so time has flown and sadly my blog beared the brunt of it. I am officially back in the UK and honestly, being away for two weeks in India felt like i have been away since two years.

India is a magical mysterious place and even though it was my fourth time there, seeing it through an adult’s eyes gives you perspective. My primary objective for visiting India was to see family so i didn’t get to see much of the country. However what i did see, you will see in this post below.


I have strange relationship with India. I am born and bought up in the UK so even though it is in my heritage, it has never felt like home to me. It is more like a strange and alien place where i constantly feel bewildered and not quite sure whether i am meant to be there. India has some amazing things to see yet, the poverty does cast a dark shadow over all the advancements that it makes. The poor remain poor and in desperate situations while the rich continue to simply take from society.


The society itself is fragmented beyond belief where culture, religion and politics have been mixed into this big complicated curry, leaving the people on the bottom rung of society to fend for themselves. As a woman, India is still a threatening place in parts and though culture and faith may teach men to respect women, they are still ruled over by men and told what to do by men – be it the husband, the father or the son. I am not being critical of it but this is the way India makes me feel.

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