Visiting Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is one of the most well known emblems in British History and holds centuries of history under its roof. 

I admit visiting Westminster Abbey on your birthday is a rather strange thing to do but it was one thing I had always wanted to do in my lifetime. The Abbey sits in the centre of the Parliament Square and it is the most magical building. The Abbey holds the tombs of numerous kings and queens and memorials to some of the most famous and monumental people in history. It has been the setting of every Coronation since 1066 and has been the world stage of several Royal Weddings. The church is still a place of worship to this day.

I loved visiting Westminster Abbey, it was beautiful and honestly I felt a little buzz from seeing the memorials to all the people that I have only read about in books. The Abbey from the inside is breathtaking and you can actually go up to the galleries in the rooftops of the building and gaze upon the aisles from the top. Whether you love Royalty or not, you have to admit the Abbey has a life of its own, not just what it looks like but what it is also represents in society.

Though it is a huge tourist attraction, it was wonderful to see and honestly worth a visit at least once in a lifetime. The queues are usually long so I would avoid weekends but it is a must see.

For more information about Westminster Abbey, see here.

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