Visiting the Oxford Botanic Gardens

I always wanted to visit the Oxford Botanic Gardens and on my recent visit, I had to go and have a wander through the gardens.

During my recent trip to Oxford, I visited the Oxford Botanic Gardens after my trip punting. The gardens were founded in 1612 and are the oldest botanic gardens in the UK, set in the vast grounds of Oxford University. The Arboretum has over 130 acres of the historic Oxford landscape and it is truly beautiful. I visited on an early Summer’s day and it wasn’t busy at all.

Once we entered the gardens, we were left to wander through the gardens. The whole garden has been created to inform the general public about different plants with various greenhouses dedicated to particular collections. The one I loved was with ingredients right out of our kitchen being grown so lovingly in a sheltered environment.

I had a great time visiting the botanic gardens and it is honestly a real opportunity to get in touch with nature in the most relaxed way.

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