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There is something about London on a summer’s evening that holds my heart. I love how London transforms as a city on warmer evenings as people chill out after a hard day’s work and venture into the streets to have a drink and relax in the glow of the evening sun. Getting a view of London from up above can be expensive yet the Sky Garden provides this and more, and all for free.

The Sky Garden occupies the top floor of 20 Fenchurch Street aka the ‘Walkie Talkie’ building in centre of the city. The Sky Garden is a public park of sorts with leafy green levels occupying the top floors of the building with restaurants and bars placed within the greenery. The views are something to be marvelled at, with some of London’s tributes to modern day architecture on display in their full glory. The Shard pierces the landscape dramatically with the river gleaming in the sunlight and Tower Bridge glistens with historical presence.

I love the inside of the Sky Garden. As visiting the gardens is ticketed, you are not surrounded by tourists. Instead you get a good mixture of Londoners and tourists mingling and the atmosphere is always very relaxed and welcoming. The City Garden Bar serves refreshing drinks and there are restaurants like the Darwin Brasserie to be visited with prior reservation.

I had a great time visiting the Sky Garden and it truly is a beautiful way of seeing the London landscape, even if you are familiar with it. It is hard to get tickets so i would recommend following them on twitter as they always put on an alert when the next batch of tickets are available.

Sky Garden

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