Visiting the Mayfield Lavender Fields in the Surrey Downs

After seeing countless posts on instagram with bloggers walking through fields of lavender, I had to get in on that action. On a sunny Tuesday morning, I drove down to Mayfield Lavender in the Surrey Downs to get some fantastic photos and smell that beautiful lavender. Lavender is one of my favourite smells, it is one that has saved my life on many a countless insomniac nights. I wasn’t expecting the lavender to be so dense but when I walked out into the fields, I was struck by how uniformly they grow and it looked absolutely stunning.


The fields are only an hour’s drive out of London and honestly so worth a visit. I wandered through the fields like a little girl living out her ‘Sound of Music’ dream. There was also a little cafe on sight which offered lavender sandwiches, biscuits and lavender afternoon tea. I would love go back to the fields and try out the afternoon tea before the summer is over. I would highly recommend all of you to visit your local lavender fields and just admire nature’s beauty at its best.

For more information about Mayfield Lavender, see here.

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