Five reasons why Cornwall is the perfect staycation

Here are five reasons why Cornwall is the best place to go for a staycation in the UK and also an explanation as to why I go there every single year.

Cornwall is one of my favourite places to visit for a staycation in the UK each year. Even though we would love to go abroad, the reality is that we will all be either having a holiday in our back gardens or going to have a staycation in the UK (once we are allowed to). Even though Cornwall is so far away from London, it is well worth every hour of the journey and I love going back to my favourite places each year.

Pre-lockdown I went to Cornwall in September and whilst staying with friends, we visited all of our favourite places including Tintagel and St Ives. It was a gorgeous week and we loved every moment of it, and I would go back in a heartbeat if the rules allow it.

Check out my video of my visit to Cornwall in September here

Cornwall feels like travelling to a Mediterranean country

I still remember the very first time I visited Cornwall and went to one the beaches and started out into the blue ocean. I had never seen such a stunningly vibrant blue sea before the UK shore. Naively, I had assumed that you had to travel abroad to find a real beach, sandy with that gorgeous stretch of blue sea. Cornwall really surprised me and then there were the people. Never have I felt more at home, people were nice and friendly and actually said good morning. You only met people like that on holiday too so this is why I say Cornwall feels like the Mediterranean.

You never run out things to see in Cornwall

I have been to Cornwall numerous times and it is the gift that just keeps on giving. Another silly assumption that I had was that the world stopped beyond the M25 borders of London. I thought everything else was just countryside and why would a city girl like me leave London which had everything at my fingertips. Cornwall, you proved me wrong.

There is always something happening in Cornwall and even the ‘tourist attractions’ are well cared and have events taking place, all the time. Tourist attractions in London are always so overrun by tourists and as a Londoner, you just don’t visit them. In Cornwall, they are well taken care of, locals work there and they are sustainable. Whether you visit the Eden Project, Land’s End or Tintagel Castle, they are all highly recommended by me.

Cornwall is the home of the afternoon tea

Well not strictly but where else in the world would you find perfectly fresh afternoon tea, with the most delectable clotted cream and strawberry jam and scones to die for. Whenever I go to Cornwall, I have to have afternoon tea and stop off for a cream tea whenever I come across a cafe.

When I was in Cornwall in September, I had afternoon tea at Hotel Tresanton in Saint Mawes. It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon, watching the world go by on the edge of the sea whilst eating through out tea. The sandwiches were fresh and easy to eat, endless cream and jam and the desserts were sweet and delectable.

Being vegetarian in Cornwall is becoming so much easier

The very first time I went to Cornwall, I realised how hard it was to be vegetarian outside of London. I lived on a diet of potato related foods, mainly chips and just thought, hey the world will catch up. Fast forward to 2019 and Cornwall has been through a food revolution. There are so many vegetarian places popping up and everywhere I went, there were countless vegetarian food options and honestly, some of the freshest food I have ever eaten too.

Sustainability is not new in Cornwall

Long before being sustainable and environmentally friendly became a thing, Cornwall was way ahead of everyone else. Partly because parts of Cornwall are so remote, it means people are automatically thinking about how they manage their waste, what they eat and recycling has always been a part of life. I have always been so impressed, no matter where we have stayed in Cornwall, that you are automatically given direction about how to dispose of your waste and be more conscious about the environment. Unlike our local beaches, visitors are automatically driven to not litter and despite the idiotic few, people generally behave themselves.

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Cornwall is my home away from home and I am not joking when I say that. I genuinely love it there and I always come back to London, longing to be back in the fresh air of Cornwall and by the beach. If you do get a chance to go, please just go and experience it for yourself. You will see what I mean in a heartbeat!

Sanoobar x

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