Visit Leeds Castle at Christmas time

Leeds Castle through the trees in the woodland

Leeds Castle is one of those places which are not talked about enough when it comes to must see castles. It isn’t discussed in any of our tourism brochures but it is one of those castles which are truly English. The pure heritage value of the castle can be worth a lot and it is such a majestic and beautiful place. It is set in miles of woodland and grounds which alone are worth exploring on a nice sunny day and one thing is for sure, you will not be faced with lots of tourists and their selfie sticks. At Christmas time, they go all out and decorate the castle and the grounds in tinsel and lights. This year in particular, they have been working with the Biscuiteers to create all their Christmas decorates and even more amazing is a biscuit creation of the entire castle. 

It is based in Kent by the way, not in Leeds if the distance is a deterrent for Londoners and it feels like you are in another world out there. For families, you could easily spend the day there, have a picnic in the grounds and work off the food in the extensive maze which sits behind the castle.

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Enjoy the pictures!

Biscuit model of the interior of the castle

Peacocks roam the grounds and they are stunning

Biscuit model of the whole castle

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