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Virgin River is now a TV series on Netflix but I had to read the book first before I watched the show. Is the book better than the film, read on.

How many of us dream about the small town life? Melinda Monroe wants to escape the busy city life and her job as a nurse in an emergency room in Los Angeles. The loss of her husband makes Melinda takes the radical decision to take a job as a nurse practitioner/midwife at Virgin River. She sees photos of an idyllic country cabin and heads off to the town to start her new life. On arrival, she finds the cabin filthy and inhabitable and discovers she is not as welcome by the local doctor as she had hoped.

Then she meets Jack Sheridan, a retired war veteran who runs the county’s only bar and grill, with his friend Preacher, providing shelter for the local community. When Mel arrives at his bar, Jack takes her under his wing and finds someone who can save him, as much as she needs saving.

I honestly didn’t expect to love Virgin River as much as I did. I was instantly captivated by the characters and the storyline is written so well, that you plunge into life at Virgin River without even realising it. The romance was played down compared to the community life aspect but I didn’t mind that. It was interesting to see the community dynamics play out and seeing it all through Mel’s eyes as she discovers more about the county.

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I loved the fact that Robyn Carr is not afraid to make the characters have flaws and I have to admit I didn’t like Mel in the first few instance and it took me a while to understand her. Jack is the dream hero but even he has his own ghosts to overcome and his own flaws too, no one is perfect and that made the characters more realistic and relatable. The detail in the storyline and the novel made it an enjoyable read. I actually loved this book, much much more than the TV show on Netflix and would recommend anyone to read the book first.

I have found out that this is part of a series so I will have to get my hands on the rest of the novels and review them for you.

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