Valentine’s Day In Ideas

Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday this week so here are some of ideas to have the perfect Valentine’s night in.

Valentine’s Day has a lot of expectations and this year it falls on a Thursday, not quite on the day when you can really appreciate it and enjoy it. Working full time means that I don’t have a luxury to take the day off to spend with my partner so here a few ideas to have the perfect Valentine’s Day In on a budget.

1. Netflix and Chill

No I don’t mean the dirty. After a hard day’s work, why not just spend time together watching your favourite movie or TV show on Netflix and enjoy the precious moments. Whatever the show or film, make it extra special with popcorn and your favourite snacks and light some candles.

2. A spa at home

Spas are notoriously expensive so why not just have a pamper night at home. Whether it is a face mask, bath or just a foot massage, relax and enjoy the evening together, taking care of each other.

3. A traditional meal in

Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore for either of you. One of you can take charge of the main course and the other the starter or dessert. Switch off the technology and enjoy your meal together, talking about your day.

4. Set up a nacho bar

Break with tradition and instead of having a full meal, set up a nacho bar and pick and choose your toppings. If not nachos then make your own pizza and have a play with trying out new toppings. Interactive dinners are a great way to bond and celebrate Valentine’s together.

5. Learn a new craft together

Whether you like sushi or painting, learn something new. Find a tutorial on youtube, buy the materials and spend time trying to master the activity or even better, have fun making mistakes. Support each other and take it as an experience for both of you.

I hope you liked my Valentine’s Day night in ideas and let me know what you get up to this year.

Sanoobar x

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