Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette review

Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette is a mix of pinks and reds, bringing the heat back to eyeshadows and Autumn. 

When Urban Decay announced that they were ditching the original Naked palette, I was heartbroken. The original Naked palette was the very first ‘high end’ eye palette I ever owned and I honestly felt so grown up buying it. In reality, it took me over a year, after watching hundreds of YouTube videos to work out how to use all the shades confidently and create actual eye look that was more than a mattified version of my skin tone. Eye palettes have come on leaps and bounds since the original Naked palette and now you can find them in every colour wave you can dream up and even make your own ones too. 

When I saw the Naked Cherry palette, I knew that no force on earth would stop me from owning it and when it went on early sale, I was there cash in hand ready to invest in one. The shades in this palette are very pink and red but what makes them unique is the ability to smoke them out and make them your own. There is a real mixture of shimmery and matte eyeshadows so you can go as dramatic as you would like. The first time I used this palette, I barely created a pink eye makeup look and now I am happy to pick and choose my shades and create the more dramatic smokey looks too. To this palettes credit, every single one of these shadows are buttery smooth. They apply so beautifully that if you do put too much on, you can easily blend them out using one of the more neutral pinks. The deep plum and pink tones compliment my brown eyes really well and I just love how they look on me. 

I would highly recommend the Naked Cherry palette for the Autumn month. They are different, in a good way and I just love wearing them to work, adding a bit of drama to my usually monochrome work outfits.

The Urban Decay Naked Cherry is available here

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