Trying out Facegym Pro at Harrods

The YouTube video of me trying out this device is on my Saturday vlog.

I was invited to go and try out the Facegym Pro at Harrods last weekend. Facegym Pro is an anti-ageing workout for your face and promised to give younger firmer looking skin after just one session. I really wasn’t sure what to expect and was sceptical about the results but thought it would be a good experiment. Facegym Pro is an electrical muscle – stimulation device for the face, an non-invasive alternative to botox or fillers.

When i sat down at the Harrods store, one of trainers first cleansed by skin and ensured that all my face make up was removed. She then massaged a cooling ‘conductive’ jelly like gel all over my face and assured me that this is what would help the Facegym Pro work on my skin. She started to to use the device on my cheeks first which gave a tingling sensation and i could feel my face muscles being pulled slightly all over my face. She did this for ten minutes on one side of my face and then ten minutes on the other. Once the treatment was done, i could tell a slight difference on my face with my cheeks feeling plumper and rounder but other than that, everything pretty much looked the same.


It is pricey, coming in at £399 and available here

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