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Fashion photography and photoshoots do not come naturally to me. I can never seem to decide what look I want, what to wear or even what to do once the camera is on me. Contrary to popular opinion, I am not a natural poser so a great deal of thinking and self motivation goes into me getting the perfect photoshoot.

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On a very sunny Saturday morning, I met up with Neil from Thetford Photography for a blogger photoshoot. I would highly recommend him if you are new to blogger shoots as he immediately put me and my friend Vix from Vix Loves Weddings at ease and we had a great time at the shoot. I will link her shoot at the end. He had a natural manner, talking us through the photos and what looks he was hoping to achieve.

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Whilst on the shoot, i grilled Neil about fashion photoshoots and what tips he would give to bloggers wanting to create their own shoots.

Here are some top tips about having a fabulous blogger fashion shoot like the pros:

  1. Plan your shoot in your head and pull together a mood board of ideas, colour schemes, style and if possible location options. If outdoors understand the time of day and directions of sun etc
  2. Research and choose a photographers which fits the style of your shoot, ensure you meet them or at least call them and get a feel for their working methodology and personality. If you’re not comfortable with them they may be wrong for you and your shoot.
  3. Visit your location and run through your ideas, either yourself but preferably with your photographer. This should be done as early in the project as possible, you might find it’s unsuitable or needs additional equipment which needs to planned in to your shoot.
  4. Agree a shoot list, images required, outfits and models, plan for outfit changes to maximise your efficiency of time and use of your photographer and if hired, your location.
  5. Prior to shoot have everything organised and ready for use, double check your props, outfits etc this will make for a more relaxed shoot
  6. On the day, make the shoot fun and relaxed, stress and panic will transfer to your models and be visible in your final shots. If your models and photography have a good chemistry and having fun it will show in your shots.

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I had a great time at the shoot and want to thank Neil for all his patience with me and my awkward posing.

For more information about Neil and Thetford Photography, see here and for Vix’s post, see here.

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