Thomas Sabo Eau de Karma Perfume Review


Bulgari, Swarovski, Van Cleef and many other jewellery designers have ventured into the world of perfumes. These seem to be targeted at a much younger audience but with their latest launch of Eau De Karma, things seem to be at a turning point. Thomas Sabo are better known for their charms and their beautiful bracelets and they have now launched this new perfume.

This new fragrance is inspired by Thomas Sabo’s latest Karma Beads collection and this is clear to see with the fragility of the bottle. It is beautifully crafted with a pink quartz stone at the bottom of the bottle and the large cap which in shape of the Om-bead. At first spray, the scent is very fruity, almost smells like a fruit cocktail with notes of blackcurrant, apple and freesia. The undertones are decidedly musky with notes of amber, cedar and musk. I favour the muskier tones in perfumes so the undertones were welcome. I really liked the way the perfume smelt on my skin and it did make me feel as though i was on holiday, a very peaceful and calm mood enveloped me. The one downside of this perfume i found was that despite it being an eau de parfum, it is not incredibly long wearing. I have taken to keeping my bottle at my desk at work however, something to destress me during my lunch breaks.


Thomas Sabo Eau De Karma is available to buy here starting at £34 for 30ml.

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