Theatre review: Come From Away

Come From Away is a Canadian musical in the theatre and is a hopeful much-needed boost to Londoners.

Let’s face it, we haven’t had much to look forward or smile at in the current climate. Just one glance at the news makes me want to lock myself away in room and throw away the key for good. On Friday night, I went to the Phoenix Theatre in London to watch ‘Come From Away’ on stage. Writers Irene Sankoff and David Hein bring to life Newfoundland town Gander which only has something like 2000 residents.

Post 9-11, the airspace over the United States is closed and all flights are diverted, with 7000 passengers from all over the world arriving to the small town of Gander. The passengers arrive not knowing what has happened, not knowing why they are landing in the town and some not speaking a word of English. The town of Gander spring into action, opening their homes and hearts to the passengers and giving them some form of hope.

Come From Away is such a soulfully happy musical. From the moment the cast come on stage, you are swept away with the beautifully written music to the amount of heart has been poured into the script. The relentless vet who strives to take care of the animals who come off the flight, the female pilot who wants to get her passengers home and the mother whose son is firefight on Ground Zero, the stories are compelling and woven together beautifully.

You can tell that I absolutely loved this play and I almost forgot it is a real story. The script is put together from interviews of Newfoundlanders and creates the picture of a community who just wants to help and take care of these lost passengers. The music is stompingly good and the songs are so well written – I felt myself tearing up at the mother’s song for her son and not knowing his fate. The actors swapping between the community members to the passengers is done so well that I honestly forgot it was the same person playing multiple roles.

Forget your woes and watch ‘Come From Away’ because, god knows, we need something to hope for!

Sanoobar x

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