A week in Rome.. visiting the Vatican


The Pope in session on the Wednesday morning

I couldn’t visit Rome and not see the infamous Vatican. The only country within a country which has its own army, currency and postcode, such a strange phenomenon in this day and age and still fantastic. I was incredibly excited to see it. I turned up on the Wednesday morning and the Pope was having his procession through the crowds in his white car so access was strictly limited. The queues to get in the Vatican in the afternoon were immense and it is something to keep in mind when visiting it, avoid Wednesdays.


Luckily we went the next day early in the morning and still had a queue to join but the sunshine made it worthwhile. You have to go through security which causes all the queues and you will see a lot of people trying to jump the queue so be warned. I would advise personally that you book a guided tour through the Vatican for big groups as it also allows you access into the museum. We didn’t have this and instead had a wander through the main part of the Vatican.

To say i was in awe of the place is an understatement. From the moment i walked over the steps to get into the Vatican, i was hypnotised by the vastness of the place and the amount of detail which has put into the decor, my pictures cannot give it justice. I was literally trying to absorb the place into my memory but it was not enough. The Vatican is absolutely beautiful and i can’t recommend it enough for a visit.




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