The time i went to Disneyland Paris… Part 2

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris was pretty much what i was expecting but that did not change my excitement for it. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the incredibly beautiful Sleeping Beauty’s castle as is iconic for Walt Disney. No matter how many photos you have seen of this, nothing can beat how beautiful it is in the flesh. Absolutely stunning and the lawns around the castle were decked in snow for Christmas. The whole resort is structured with the castle in its very centre so we used that as a point of navigation when getting around the park. 

Pirates of the Caribbean shipwreck

One thing you have give Walt Disney credit for is their commitment to bringing those Disney films to life, the ones we love and adore. In particular, i loved walking around the Pirates of the Caribbean caves and discovering the shipwreck, it is a maze of tunnels but so much fun just to navigate the tunnels. 

Christmas at Walt Disney

Though the park was decorated for Christmas and that was the point of all the decorations, it was a little disheartening to see how much of the park is dedicated to shops and getting visitors to buy ornaments and merchandise. The shops were housed in Walt Disney style shops for example, there was Chipettos house which was a toy shop inside, but it would have been good to have more spaces to explore instead of having Disney sell us stuff. 
However, the park has to be given credit for its commitment to the decorations it puts up for Christmas. There was not one surface which had not been decked in holly or had lights added to it. The tree is simply spectacular and they also did a light show around it on the Disney Parade. 
Inside Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

Disney Christmas Parade

Light and Sound Christmas Show on the Sleeping Beauty Castle

It is impossible not to get swept away with the Disney fun and grown adults were celebrating and revelling in the magic. It was astounding to see the Christmas show at the end of the day and it was beautiful. The whole show was heavily influenced by film of the moment Frozen but it would have been good to see the classic Disney films being equally celebrated too. It is a great day out though so i would highly recommend it, purely for the magic and fun Disney brings to it. 

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