The Hunger Games trilogy

4 stars out of 5
I have to say, ever since the ill fated Twilight series and it’s dreadful ending, i have been avoiding young adult books like the plague. There was a time where hopeless romantics and star-crossed lovers of other worlds really rocked my boat. You only have to mention Buffy, The Vampire Slayer and i could probably recount to you every single flirtatious look she ever┬áreceived. However, Twilight did knock my confidence in young adult fiction and really put me off, i liked the books but then the movie came along and destroyed everything.
Anyway, as i don’t want to stray off topic, The Hunger Games. Having seen the trailer a couple of months ago, i got excited at this film. The intrigue it built up with a very sturdy looking Jennifer Lawrence and handsome Liam Hensworth, i was keen to find out more. While i waited for the film release, i did the one thing only all respectful bookworms do, i read the book it was based on by Suzanne Collins. I do have to say, from the moment Katniss Everdeen, the heroine of this trilogy, wakes up in her wooden hut, i was hooked. I was desperate to learn of the moody Ms Everdeen after she volunteers herself as tribute. The tragic events that follow in the Hunger Games arena did leave me wanting more. I loved the book and its every dramatic moment. The most amazing part of this book is the fact that she is not longing for a man despite the love triangle she’s stuck in, she is desperate to survive. She wants to save her family and do what is right.
Soon after reading the first book, i headed straight to the cinema. I do believe that each and everyone of the characters were well cast. Even Jennifer Lawrence did a great job ‘acting’ very awkward and then strong throughout her time in the arena. I do feel however that you did need to have read the book to understand all the underlying storylines otherwise you would spend all your time explaining them to people you go with.
After all of this, i read the rest of the trilogy and i honestly was happy with the ending. It does have lots of twists and turns and the second book does seem like a filler. You do have to remain faithful to the books and pay attention as all the strands are tied up but no one knows whether it is for the better. One things for sure, i will never smell a white rose and not think of President Snow ever again.
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