The Google Home Mini Donut Pop-Ups in London

It is not everyday that Google puts on a pop up event and invites the whole of London to come and win one of their products. On a very rainy Saturday in London, I headed to Angel Central Shopping Centre to try my chance to win a Google Home Mini. Making a play on the fact that the Google Home Mini is shaped and sized like a donut, the Google donut world tour attracted people from all over London with a rather long queue snaking around the Angel Centre.

After waiting for almost an hour, we finally got to the front to ask Google a question. We were given a menu of questions that we could ask Google. In the spirit of all things Easter, I asked ‘Google, does the Easter Bunny really exist?’ My question instantly released a box on a conveyor belt. I won two doughnuts from Doughnut Time (which were delicious!) while my husband won Google Home Mini.

It was fun event and honestly there was a real buzz in the air as people won Google Home Minis or indulged in delicious donuts.

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