The day i went to Disneyland Paris… Part 1

have to admit i am a die hard Disney fan so any fangirling i do throughout this post is a result of this. I was incredibly excited to go on this visit to Disneyland Paris and as it was during Christmas, my favourite month of the year, i was even more psyched. Since i was a little girl, i have always wanted to to Disneyland in Florida so when i saw the deal come up on Groupon, i felt like i had to pay a visit to Disneyland Paris which is closer to home and more affordable too than the real place too.
Disneyland Paris is incredibly exciting and when you enter, they ensure you feel like you are in the land of all things happy and magical. All the car parks, for example, are named after Disney characters. We were parked in the Tigger car park. After quite a walk on travelators, we reached the entrance. Disneyland is split into two parts, one is Walt Disney Studios and the other is Disneyland Paris. Walt Disney studios closes first so it is always wise to tackle that first.

Walt Disney Studios

Disney own a lot of film franchises and it was actually astonishing to see how many they actually did have. We entered the studios through this heated indoor ‘street’ which was lined with gift shops and restaurants. We were not hungry when we arrived so headed straight through to discover the park. First up, we did the special effects tour by train through the sets of various famous Disney franchised movies. It was amazing to see the film sets come to life. To show just how much goes into a special effects scene, we were put into one complete with an earthquake, raging fire and a flood of water.

After this we headed into Toyland which is a real life adaptation of Toy Story. Greeted by Buzz Lightyear, us mere humans are made to feel smaller than the larger than life toys. This was catering for a younger audience but i loved the spinning springy dog as one of the rides.

We also took part in the experience to be on the sets of an action film which was a space station set being attacked by asteroids. That was brilliant, complete with special effects and fire flares in the background.

One thing to be aware of is that Walt Disney studios closes earlier than Disneyland Paris so it is worth doing this one first. It has meet and greets with the Disney characters dotted around the studios and we stumbled on them purely by accident. We had the chance to see some of them, the odd thing was that Jasmine and Aladdin were tanned to look Asian, ironic considering there are is an Asian population in Paris.

Part 2 about Disneyland Paris coming soon….

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