The Bloggers Summer Hangout Haul


I was very kindly invited to the Bloggers Summer Hangout at The Strand Gallery. I was excited to meet new brands and find out more about them. I loved the informal atmosphere at the event the fact that everyone was so friendly and helpful. As the upstairs area was incredibly busy, i went downstairs to speak to Pink Parcel first.


Those of you are not familiar with Pink Parcel, they are a unique subscription box service where at THAT time of the month, they deliver a care pack to you. It includes enough sanitary products for the month, a few sweet treats as well as some beauty bits. What i really loved about the concept is the fact that some of the brands are especially made for Pink Parcel so you know that you are getting some truly unique products. I can’t wait to try out the service for myself.


After i headed upstairs, i came across Regenerate Enamel Science. The lovely lady told me about how their products can help restore tooth enamel and combat enamel erosion. They have two products, one is the Advanced toothpaste and the other is their Boosting Serum. The serum has to be used three days in a row, once a month and it is meant to make a huge difference.


Sass and Belle is one brand i was incredibly excited to meet. Ever since i stumbled across their store in Covent Garden, i have fallen in love with their products. They produce these fantastically unique products which include everything from homeware to quirky gifts and they are always illustrated with fun motifs like the flamingo on the glass tumbler above. I love how fun the brand is and really look forward to shopping with them in the future.


Unique seemed to be the flavour of the day. I came across Faust’s Potions which promises that their potions can help with the daily symptoms of fatigue, sleeplessness and jet lag. I travel a lot so i often find it difficult to sleep or stay awake in foreign countries. There are two potions, asleep and awake which are made up of completely natural ingredients and are said to last for 24 hours. These are available from health shops including Holland and Barrett.


I am so one of those people who loves her energy bars. As i am often out and about, it is not always possible for me to eat so these really do save my life and keep me going throughout the day. The Primal Pantry are grain-free bars made of 100% real food and are paleo, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and raw. I can’t wait to try these out and there are so many different flavours to enjoy.


Matcha tea is become a bit of a trend in the health food world with its health benefits being more than 10 cups of green tea. T-tox is loose matcha tea which can put into food, blended into shakes or just drunk with hot water as tea. I tried some with coconut water and they do have a great refreshing taste too.

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