Ted Baker goes pink – Back to the Fuschia collection

Ted Baker embraced cherry blossoms this year, with their ‘Back to Fuschia’ collection with the print existing on dresses, coats and even shoes.

So we all know that pink is having a HUGE moment in the world of fashion and beauty but when Ted Baker decided to go pink with their ‘Back to the Fuschia‘ collection, I had to sit up and take notice. From the gorgeous cherry blossom prints adoring dresses, shoes, coats and literally anything possible, I literally swooned over the collection from the moment I saw it in store. Ted Baker is known for quality clothing but for this collection in particular, I do think that the brand has outdone itself.

I love the 3D floral cherry blossom jacket and the cherry blossom printed flats are to die for, I love it all and honestly am so tempted to invest in all of it in a heartbeat. You have to just go see the works of art that Ted Baker have created this year. In the meantime, I will silently stare at these items until I have the cash to afford them, let’s hope that is soon.

If you are tempted, Ted Baker have 25% till midnight tonight, so get shopping stat!

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