Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ tour at Wembley Arena

Taylor Swift. Just saying her name incites a thousand different opinions from all over, some loving her strong feminist vibe whilst the others criticising her following her spat with the Kardashians and Kanye West. I have loved Taylor Swift for a very long time and despite all the criticism in more recent times, I have withheld my judgement. It is not because of the fact that I am biased and I adore her (I do!) but I know what it is like to have people bully you because they are more popular and more powerful than you.

For my birthday, my lovely husband bought me tickets to see Taylor Swift play her ‘Reputation’ tour at Wembley Arena and I have loved her so long that seeing her live in concert was just the icing on the cake. Taylor has grown up in the public eye, from her awkward teen years pining away for the popular guy and mean girls to her current darker demeanour, she has been through it all. We have ALL been through it but the only difference is, we didn’t have people gunning for us, ready to publish every detail for money. What I have loved about her is that she is a good role model. She isn’t about flashing the cash, plastic surgery and caking herself in make up, she is close to her family and still records acoustically on her guitar and loves her cats. Taylor’s spat with the Kardashians was cringeworthy and painful and put Taylor’s personal pain live for the world to see. For a girl to be called a ‘bitch’ in a song, for humour or otherwise hurt Taylor and to see powerful women like Kim backing made it so much worse. No one wants to be called that in daily life, let alone on a celebrity filled world stage.

Taylor’s new album ‘Reputation’ stormed the charts so her tour was equally excitedly anticipated. She entered the stage with a bang and sang everything from ballads on her piano like ‘Long Live’ from her Speak Now album to almost every song from her latest album Reputation. The moment that really struck with me was the fact she admitted she made a mistake, got called a snake online and it made her feel really low and like giving up. She rounded up her talk to the audience with a message that sticks me right now as I write this to you. It doesn’t matter if people misunderstand you but as long as the people who love you, understand you then you are okay. You can go on another day.

Love her or hate her, Taylor has been through some tough times and has come out the other side tougher and fighting back. The old Taylor is dead but the new Taylor has spunk, anger but even better, the strength to come out of it the other side and I for one, love her for it. Just because she isn’t playing the victim, does not make her the bad guy. Her show at the Wembley Arena was fantastic, full of intimate moments with the audience and showed off her flare for drama to its full potential.

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  1. October 14, 2018 / 7:30 am

    Sounds like you had the most amazing time! x

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