Tanya Burr Beast and the Feast Collection

Looking like a chocolate sweet shop, Tanya Burr’s Beauty and the Feast was launched in Superdrug and I had to review it for all of you.

We have had some of the best Christmas collections in 2017 but one that really got me excited was Tanya Burr’s Beauty and the Feast Collection all themed like my favourite, a chocolate sweet shop. All the packaging was beautiful and looked like a fairground with all the glitter and magic. The contents were equally pretty and it made the ideal gift.

The collection included two palettes, two cream eyeshadow sticks, a face and body illuminator and two exclusive matte lipsticks.

The two cream eyeshadow sticks are in the shades; ‘sweet sugar’ which is the gold shade and ‘melt my heart’ which is a beautiful bronze shade. They glide on effortlessly as well, looking rich in colour and smoke out really well too.

The face and body illuminator has a lovely gold shimmer and has a dewy finish. I use it as a face illuminator when I want to add some extra glow to my look.

One of my favourites in this collection is the ‘Too Tempting’ eyeshadow palette with the shades called Creme de la creme, Gold star, Hazelnut cocoa, Christmas mocha, Cookies and cream and Chocolate coin. I love the names for Tanya’s products, they are so cute and inspired by a sweet shop. The shadows are well pigmented for drugstore products and blend in beautifully.

The ‘Sweet Cheeks’ face palette has a bronzer (toffee crunch), blusher (cocoblush) and highlighter. I haven’t really used this face palette extensively yet, especially because they don’t apply as well as I had hoped.

The two matte lipsticks are the stars of this collection and I honestly cannot wait for the whole collection to come out later on in the year. The two shades are ‘Belgian truffle’ which is the nude and ‘winter’ which is the dark red. I love the formulation of the lipsticks and they look stunning on.

In addition to the Beauty and the Feast Collection, I also got the ‘Sweet Lip Creams’ which are two matte liquid lipsticks. They come in the shades ‘Santa’s Little Helper’ which is in red and ‘Blackberry Fudge’ which is in a dark berry shade. They have amazing pigmentation but they don’t dry really quickly. They work really well layered with the lipsticks to add an extra oomph to the colours.

If you want your own, check them out on the Superdrug site here.

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