Stranger Things at Topshop

Stranger Things on Netflix has been a phenomenon unlike any other. The show based in the 1980s has captured the imagination of people of all ages with everyone talking about the upside down world and falling love with the young characters. I have been hooked on the show and devoured the entire season 2 over a weekend because I had to see it before any spoilers came out. Topshop did a fantastic collaboration with Stranger Things, making their Oxford Street store a tribute to the iconic show. There was a mind control display where visitors could take a go being Eleven. There were lockers that included a tribute to Barb and the kids lockers and the men’s floor had Will’s den safe and well. I had a great time checking out the Stranger Things tribute at Topshop, it was so good to see this show having such a huge impact on an equally iconic store.

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