Star Wars mania hits the world


Star Wars is a contentious topic of conversation and be warned that whenever you mention, it can be like marmite – you either find someone who really loves it or someone who really hates it. I remember watching Star Wars Episode I: The Empire Strikes Back at the age of 8 and not quite understanding the fandom. It seemed to be such a dramatic story and so far removed from reality that at that age, i just didn’t get why people made such a fuss about it.

When i heard that this year Star Wars: The Force Awakes was going to be released, i decided that i would take the time out to truly get into it. Over a week, i refreshed my Star Wars knowledge and watched the whole series of films back to back and i finally got it.¬†What really struck me was how well the story of the Star Wars series is told. It is aimed at an adult audience and it makes no nonsense of that. While some films try to cater for a wider audience once its first film does well, Star Wars doesn’t patronise its audience. It sticks to the idea that people love the franchise and they will remember the story and the characters and the films don’t try and give people a recap every time. It is an understood fact that no one forgets the way the films make them feel and they will love it. The films have championed diversity before any other films ever did, with a wide range of characters and the fact the women like Princess Leia are shown to be such strong characters really makes the feminist inside me applaud.

I just watched the latest instalment today and i was blown away by the story, the cinematography and the touching moments weaved into the action packed screen. JJ Abrams has truly excelled himself in this film and it is great fun to watch on screen. The new actors Daisy Ridley and John Boyega have been given quite a big duty to carry the story forward and they do this with great maturity and heart. I really do think the Star Wars films hold great promise for future generations to come. The films still hold the same euphoria and the mania and audiences are still swept away with the George Lucas magic.

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