Shoreditch T2 Tea Masterclass

You all know my love for afternoon tea. I was very kindly invited to the T2 in Shoreditch to sample their unique tea selection and try out their new blends. I walked into the store and was immediately enchanted by their packaging and the way the store was set out. The whole format was striking with floating shelves, shimmering teapots and their tea selection on display on the counters for customers to smell and have a look at the texture.

So I am not a huge tea drinker but if I do drink tea then it is usually herbal or green teas rather than the traditional English teas. When I arrived at the store, the store manager was expecting me and immediately she started whipping out different teas for me to sample starting with the matcha green tea. She showed me how to brew the matcha green tea perfectly, firstly just with water and then with frothy milk. It was delicious and tasted really refreshing.

Next I sampled the Caramel Swirl tea as a latte with almond milk. This has to be one of the most delicious drinks that I had ever tried with the nuttiness of the milk complimenting the sweetness of the caramel perfectly.

I love a good hot chocolate but not the calories. It is an absolute addiction for me and I have to have one every morning. This is where the T2 masterclass changed my life. The T2 hot chocolate tea is black tea with cocoa beans, all completely organic without the sugar so technically, in my head, this makes it a healthier option to hot chocolate tea. It tastes just like hot chocolate and you can add in milk to give it the creamy taste of a traditional hot chocolate.

I had a great time at the T2 Tea, they really are revolutionising the concept of tea. For them, it is not just about having a cup of tea, it is about the experience and indulging in unique and interesting flavours. I honestly had a great time and will definitely go back to the store to get more teas from them. If you have a T2 near, definitely pop in. They will brew up flavours on the spot for you so you can taste them before you buy them. It is a great store, the staff are amazing and they make you feel so welcome.

For more information about T2 tea here.

Sanoobar x

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