Self-isolation in London: Week 3 and 4

Pregnancy and being in self-isolation does not go hand in hand at all. I combined weeks 3 and 4 in this post, all about my self-isolation.

I want to say that I am feeling really positive and happy to be able to stay at home. Don’t get me wrong. I am beyond grateful to have a job that allows me to work from home and the fact that I can work from home as millions of health workers have to put their lives on their line and go into work. However, it doesn’t stop me feeling alone. As though I am the only person on the planet most days as I work away on my own, without seeing anyone human until my partner comes home from work.

The only time I truly feel happy and content is outside in the fresh air. I know that we are being told to stay inside for our own good but I feel unbelievably frustrated being stuck inside while the sun shines outside. It is nature’s cruel joke. This is nature’s way of telling us that we have caused enough destruction and it needs time to heal, with us not continuously abusing it and taking it for granted.

I miss having plans for the weekend and being able to answer the dreaded question ‘What did you get up to during the weekend?’ Leisure time is precious and it is meant to be treasured.

I actually stopped writing this post here, I wasn’t feeling great and all the negativity in my head was drowning me. A week on and I am feeling much better. We are the midst of the Easter Bank Holiday weekend which is usually a highlight for me but this year, of course, we are all spending it at home. This week has felt more productive for me, work has kept my mind busy and made me much more appreciative for the time off this weekend.

Nothing much else has happened this week to be honest, I have been focused on trying to stay healthy and active. Sticking to a daily routine, week or weekend, has really helped with my mental health and gives me a list to check off each day to know that I have achieved something.

Life in Lockdown

Like everyone else in the universe, I have been spending an unhealthy amount of time catching up on TV shows and movies. Over on Disney+ we have been watching all the Marvel movies again, but in chronological order and just chatting through scenes we like and Easter eggs that we spot. It has been a nice way to bond over something we both enjoy. Apart from that, over on Netflix, I have caught up with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I was disturbed by the Tiger King and also watched some old school Bollywood movies too. I have also been deeply intrigued by The Nest on BBC iPlayer, a real thriller and complex watch.

I have also jumped in feet first with my Kindle and have been reading through the backlog of books that I have had waiting for me. They are not the most intellectual of books, mostly chick lit but they have been a lighthearted escape from all the seriousness of everything else. You can check out what I am reading over on my GoodReads profile.

Links that I have loved

This whole coronavirus episode has bought some incredible content from people all over. No, I am not talking about TikTok. Instead, I have loved all the creative writing and video content that creators have been putting out the world over.

  1. The Guardian wrote a great piece here about stockpiling and panic buying and the psychology behind people’s actions.
  2. The Anna Edit has become my life guru and I am in love with her YouTube and Blog at the moment. She nails the staying at home content perfectly.
  3. If you are foodie or using food as a distraction, you have to check out FoodGawker, there is food inspiration on there for days.

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