Self-isolation in London : Week 2

Two weeks in self-isolation is starting to feel like a lifetime locked away. London is in lockdown and we are all in our homes slowly starting to go crazy.

This week has felt like I am taking a walk on custard and trying very hard not to sink in to it. I know that self-isolation is the right thing to do, my brain knows it and understands it but my heart is crying out for some serious time outside in the fresh air.

I am not a ‘staying at home’ kind of girl but with the coronavirus being so rife, we have been asked to stay at home. Everyone keeps saying this is the new ‘normal’ and we are to expect this for the next few years but I am not putting a time limit on it. I honestly veer from feeling incredibly fragile to deliriously positive that I will get through this. This is the way I feel every single day.

Once we do come out at the end of this, the world will be split between pre and post -Coronavirus with some new rules of society and indeed some new views too. Will we still view travel as recklessly as we have done? Will be learn that all the frivolous spending on fast fashion and quick thrills actually means nothing and destroys nature? Will we learn to appreciate nature and preserve it for future generations? Who knows.

Life in lockdown

The only thing that has kept me sane this week is working from home. It helps give my day have structure and also gives me purpose too. For those eight hours a day, I am not thinking about the coronavirus or how I am stuck at home destined to either watch Netflix or stare at the walls till the end of time.

I have discovered a new found love for cooking and experimenting with my recipes. I always treat cooking as a chore but with the need to ensure supplies last all week, I have been trying to be more conscious of what I am cooking and how long it lasts us. I have also been loving the luxury of having home cooked lunches prepared by me, eaten by me.

Falling back in love with my blog and YouTube

With the baby news and everything, I had become really lazy with my social media, blog and YouTube and had stopped posting for a long while. I am falling back in love with all of them and actually am starting to love Instagram again. It has been great to reconnect with the community and have people to talk to. I am loving all the content coming out about staying at home, self love and self care.

Links I love

  1. Josie aka FashionMumblr is doing some the best content over on YouTube. Her channel continues to be filled with positivity and spring inspiration and it is giving me a sense of normality in these uncertain times. Her latest video how the virus has affected her work is a great reflection on how so many people are feeling at the moment.
  2. Book clubs and in particular The Hyphen Book Club over on Emma Gannon’s channels are having a revival and I am so here for it. I love her newsletters and this week’s one is beautifully written.
  3. Liv from What Olivia Did wrote this great post on her WFH wardrobe and it is so beautiful, if only I looked that put together on a daily basis at home.

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I hope you enjoyed this post, it is different from my usual but I have found it rather therapeutic to put all these thoughts on paper.

Sanoobar x

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