Theatre Review: Royal Shakespeare Company’s Julius Caesar

It has been a long while since i have been to see a theatre production so on a very sunny Saturday, i headed to see the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Julius Caesar at the Noel Coward Theatre. It is such a lovely theatre at Leicester Square and i have walked past it so many times that i was pleasantly surprised to find it there. It was a small and intimate affair with not many young people but it was a nice atmosphere to be in.


This Shakespeare adaptation had an African element to it and the music used throughout the play complimented this theme. It took me a while to actually get into the play as i haven’t really been reading anything by Shakespeare since a long time, however the play had all the archetypal characters. The set didn’t change throughout the play but the use of lighting was so clever that this didn’t detract from the storyline at all. The actor who played Brutus was exceptional and really carried the story through, keeping the audience engaged throughout.

This play is definitely worth a watch and it is so brilliantly acted that even if you are new to Shakespeare, you will still love it!

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