Sightseeing in Rome: Part 1


I have always wanted to visit Rome as an adult. The last time i visited, i was at school so typically on a school trip, you just play around with your friends and never appreciate where you are. Going back to Rome in February, made me fall in love with the city. It is truly a beautiful place ¬†and while some people feel that Paris is the romantic place on Earth, i would argue that Rome is my most romantic place on Earth. It is not because i went there with my significant other, because i didn’t. It is the atmosphere of the place. Rome is a fast paced city but it is so incredibly friendly and you really are made to feel at home wherever you go.

Anyway enough rambling, check out all my photos below.. i will do a proper insightful post later on in the week:

IMG_8644Spanish Steps

IMG_8654View from the top of the Spanish Steps


Trevi Fountain (sadly under construction when we visited)





IMG_8708Inside the Pantheon


Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi (Fountain of the Four Rivers)



IMG_8753Piazza del Popolo

IMG_8754 IMG_8763

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