Revisiting Dubai and Abu Dhabi


Dubai Marina

It is no secret that i love Dubai. I love the atmosphere and the sheer indulgence of the place and as a short winter’s break away from the dreariness of London, it is perfect. From the moment you arrive in Dubai, you feel like you are being pampered with people at your beck and call trying to make your day go smoothly. This time i round i did my annual pilgrimage to Dubai Mall which continues to fascinate me and i also had a day trip to Abu Dhabi.


The aquarium at Dubai Mall


Candylicious at Dubai Mall


View from the top at Burj Khalifa


On my trip to Abu Dhabi, i was keen to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque because i had heard how amazing it was to see. I was not disappointed, the mosque is just breathtaking and i just loved how it bought together so many different people from so many different faiths and backgrounds.

The inside of the mosque was magnificent with chandeliers encrusted in gems from rubies to swarovski crystals. The floors were lined with handwoven carpets and they were simply beautiful.

I also had the chance to visit Ferrari World which has the world’s longest and fastest rollercoaster. I wasn’t brave enough to try it but for you thrill seekers out there, it could be an opportunity of a lifetime.

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