Rediscovering So…? Fragrance

So…? fragrances have never left my collection. My love affair with the fragrance brand started when I was 14, it was the first proper fragrance I ever owned and I really felt I was so grown up owning one. It smelt amazing and became a staple after sweaty PE classes at school. Flash forward to many many years later and So…? fragrance is making a real come back and I am honesty falling back in love with them all over again. I was very kindly given these at Blogosphere’s latest events and they have not left my side ever since. I thought I would show off the ones that I am truly in love with and I definitely think you should invest in too.

I love heavy musky scents, they are my signature and the two above are just that. So..? Dark Romance Eau De Parfum and Fragrance Mist with base notes of sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla and praline. It smells amazing and honestly lasts all day. I spray the parfum first thing in the morning and then just top it up throughout the day with the mist.

The body mists have become a staple in my collection and I carry them in my handbag, in my car and have them on my desk at work as well. The three I really have been loving are:

All of these are the opposite of what I normally like as my regular scent and I have been loving these at the moment. Vanilla Milkshake has turned out to be such a refreshing scent but spraying it on the tube makes me feel so much calmer and cleaner.

So…? Fragrance is such a great brand and it deserves to be called more than just a teen brand. It is growing up with its audience and I cannot wait to see what comes next.

Sanoobar x

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