Rediscovering Borough Market in London

Borough Market near London Bridge is not a new place but so few know about the real pleasures about this eclectic and exciting market right in the centre of London.

Borough Market in London is not new to the city, it has existed since the 1850s and is one of London’s oldest and largest food markets. Based opposite London Bridge station, it is centre of town and is home to stalls and pop up shops selling all the weird to the wonderful when it comes to food. On an Autumnal Tuesday evening, I found myself to be peckish and thought I would wander over and see what Borough Market was all about. 

I was met with the most wonderful stalls/ shops selling such a wide range of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and even game meat. I had a rather alarming moment where I turned a corner and was confronted by dead rabbits and pheasants and as a animal lover, I was horrified. So it comes with its flaws but honestly the rest of food stalls were delicious.

They have a whole section filled with world food stalls ranging from Thai food to Chinese and Indian. The dessert stalls also looked very tempting from brownies, cupcakes and gelato on offer to tempt visitors as they walked by. 

I also went searching for the mural painted by street artist Jimmy C in memory of the victims of the June 2017 terror attacks in London Bridge. Hidden underneath a bridge, it is beautiful painted in dark navy depicting a night’s sky with hearts flying through the air. It is a great way to give locals a place to remember the victims and bring people together in such a simple way.

I had a lovely chaat (chickpea savoury snack) from one stall and that turned out to be the perfect pick me up I needed after a long day at work. I have been told the weekend at Borough Market is even better so I am definitely going to keep it in mind for a weekend visit next time.

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