Primark Haul

Primark accessories have always been hit and miss with me and i have not bought anything from them in a while. Apart from my pretty wine red necklace that i bought a couple of months ago, i have not bought leather bags or accessories from them as they always seem to smell like fish. I think they may have changed suppliers as now they don’t smell funny any more and they actually look good.

Black quilted iPad case (£3)
I literally bought this a couple of days ago and i have already received compliments about this case. Chanel also have an accessory similar to this but mine was only £3!
Blush studded clutch bag (£6)
I have been looking for a cutesy clutch bag for a while now and i was pleased to find this one in Primark. I had seen a similar one in Zara for £19.99 so this one was a total bargain. I will be using this as a little in bag in my big bag to keep all the little bits in. 

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