Pizza Union Aldgate Review – Best Pizza in London

I love a good pizza but when a place is described as having the best pizza in London, you have to take it with a pinch of salt. I am not very fussy when it comes to pizza but I love a good thin crust Italian pizza that feels healthy rather than heavy and full of cheese. I arrived at Pizza Union Aldgate, alone, hungry and flustered after marvelling at how much Aldgate has changed as an area.

Pizza Union is based a short walk down from Aldgate and is based in a new residential neighbourhood among luxury apartments. Pizza Hut and Dominos both boast of a thin crust Italian pizza but I still find them too filling to eat and don’t often get through more than a couple of slices. For a real thin crust, the dough should be stretched to and cooked to an almost crusty bread base with fresh ingredients piled onto its surface. There is a great choice of toppings – Magherita (£3.95), Tropicali (£5.50), Vesuvio (£5.50) – for a full list see here. I got the Giardino – mozarella, tomato sauce, onions, mixed peppers, broccoli – I cut out the mushrooms as I don’t like them. I got some chilli bites to nibble on while I waited for the food, not that there was much of a wait.

The chilli bites were delicious. Within 15 minutes, my pizza was ready, giving me time to nibble on the bites and enjoy them and admire the decor. When the pizza was ready, it just looked amazing. The crust was cooked to perfection with a crispy edge that I could nibble on whilst having the rest of the pizza. The tomato sauce was freshly made and the vegetables were perfectly cooked, fresh and cooked.

The pizza was delicious and I loved every single bite of it. I was dining alone and honestly it was a refreshing experience. I put away all my tech and just enjoyed the pizza whilst people watching as they walked home from work. I will definitely go back to Pizza Union in the future for a quick pizza at a ridiculously good price!

To find your nearest Pizza Union, click here.

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