Peggy Porschen Bakery Summer 2018

Peggy Porschen, the maker of exquisite wedding cakes, has her own bakery in Victoria which has beautiful flower displays and delicious cupcakes. 

My love for Peggy Porschen is not a big secret so when I was walking past the bakery after a meeting in Victoria, I had to stop by and take a look at their summer display. The outside is covered in the most astounding flower display with mini beehives lining either side of the bakery. The bakery has such fame now that it always has queues and it impossible to get photos without having a small population of instagrammers behind you.

Peggy Porschen is the most perfect place to go to for a cupcake date and if you can get a table, you can easily while away time watching the crowds go by. I had a summer berry cupcake as a takeaway, took a thousand photos and then ran off home to eat my cake in peace.

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