Paris Fashion Week 2013: Chanel & Elie Saab


I have been in love with Chanel since forever. From their fashion shows to their ready to wear collections, Karl Lagerfield ensures that each and every piece is made with class and finesse. It is like the label i would like to be dressed in 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, i would wear it all the time. As i can’t do that right now, this girl can dream. Their Autumn/Winter collection was no different and was stage on the theme of international fashion. It is interesting to see that many of their pieces for the colder months, are a smooth translation from the summer trends. For example, look at the outfit above. The fun flowery print would not look out of place in the summer and then you can dress it up in the winter with a plain cardi and knee high boots.
Tweed is Chanel’s trademark and this outfit is just a signature of the brand. I love the fact that it has been updated for this season with the big collared jacket and knee high boots. 

Elie Saab

Elie Saab really knows how to make a woman feel feminine and beautiful and this collection is no different. His maxi dresses are to die for and so elegant. This dress in particular stood out for me, the colour is a big part of this year’s summer trends and it translating into the winter. This dress is part of this trend for winter, the dress is flattering with the flared out skirt and the cinched in waist. 
Maxi dresses have always had my heart. I love how beautiful they are and how gorgeous they can make a woman look. Navy blue is such a stunning colour if it is worn right and the lace detailing is so intricate and pretty on this dress. 

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