Oscars 2013

I am usually quite up to date with my awards ceremony coverage but i have been bad this week so apologies. Here are some of my favourite dresses from the Oscars Award Ceremony:

Amy Adams

Is it me or is it that Amy Adams always looks like a fairy princess no matter the occasion? Ever since i have seen her in Enchanted, i always think of her as this fairytale like creature and this dress does nothing but reinforce that illusion. Her dress is absolutely gorgeous and the train behind her made out of feathers does make it look as though her animal friends really have made this dress for her. 
Amanda Seyfriend

Amanda has one of those figures that no matter what she wears, she carry it off and make it look like high fashion. The halter neck neckline and the embroidered material on this dress suits her to a tee. 
Helen Hunt

Helen is proof that no matter what age, she still looks fabulous. This dress is so lovely and the dark royal blue only helps accentuate her figure. I do love the fact that it cinches at the waist and has the train behind her.
Jennifer Aniston

Wearing a red dress on the red carpet is risky to say the least. You have to get the shade right to make sure that you don’t fade into the background. Jennifer Aniston managed to find the right shade and looked ravishing. Her simple hair and big diamond earrings only helped make her look even more beautiful.
Jennifer Lawrence

Finally Jennifer Lawrence managed to get it right in this dress and she looked perfect in this dress. The pale pink of the dress only made her look more radiant rather than girly. Despite tripping up in this dress, she still looked perfect in this dress. 

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