Orchid Festival at Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens Orchid Festival is back with the most beautiful displays made out of various orchids in their Princess of Wales Conservatory.

Spring has come early to Kew Gardens with their Orchid Festival and I went along last weekend to check it out. We waited almost an hour to get into the Princess of Wales conservatory but once I was inside, I was in heaven.

The Orchid Festival takes inspiration from overseas and this year, it was Columbia. The theme was embedded around Kew Gardens too, with Columbia coffee stands and stalls selling churros and jackfruit tacos. Columbia is one of the most biodiverse environments in the world with 4270 different species of orchids in the country alone.

The Columbian theme continued with a carnival of animals made up of orchids with eye-catching creatures such as toucans, pelicans, jaguars and sloths, all made out of orchids. They were absolutely beautiful and really looked like an enchanted garden. The paths were also decorated with Columbian items like bicycles and hats, with archways constructed out of orchids placed strategically around the conservatory to continue the experience.

Also to see at Kew Gardens is their refurbished new Temperate House. It is the largest Victorian glasshouse in the world and is twice the size of Palm House. The inside is open and spacious and it houses temperate zone plants from all around the world including some which are threatened.

I had a great time visiting Kew Gardens and would love to go back in the summer months when it is warmer and I can have a picnic.

Sanoobar x

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