My vision

Vision is such an important thing in life. The gift of sight is probably one of the most important senses we have. You may be wondering why i am talking about this. Let me tell you a story.

I was 10 years old when i first got glasses. This may not seem like a big deal with hindsight, but to my ten year old self it was. As a very timid, painfully shy ten year old, my world did feel as though it had ended. Having been bullied for many years as a child, i really didn’t want to be identified as the ‘kid with the glasses’ or ‘four eyes’. So i hid them. I refused to wear them in class. I sat with an annoying boy who kicked me under the table painfully every lesson but endured it as i was close to the whiteboard and could read what was on it. I was clever and used my wits to get through the last few months of my final year at primary school without letting on that i needed glasses.

I don’t really know what changed that summer but i realised that enough was enough. I became determined to make a difference but that meant putting up a barrier against everyone who could ever harm me. I used my glasses as my shield. I felt safe wearing them, and i did start to think that when i wore them no one could see me. This actually worked for me and as the years went by, it made hiding easier and i became more and more confident without anyone judging me. 

My glasses helped me gain the confidence to be a new person. It sounds silly but wearing them, it meant that no one could see the real me or hurt the real me.

As i grew to the age of 16, i discovered contact lenses. After many painful attempts at putting them in, they finally became comfortable. I started to wear them but only on good days. Days when i felt confident enough for someone to see behind the glasses. That is how i met the wonderful person in my life who saw behind the lenses and the glasses and saw me for who i was. It didn’t matter whether i was wearing glasses or contact lenses, he thought i was pretty and wanted me for me.

If you have lasted this long, then i can finally get to the point of my story. I have now decided to eye laser surgery at Optical Express next weekend.

I went for my consultation in Harley Street. It wasn’t as scary as i thought it would be. I had many tests which were pretty simple and i have decided to take the jump. Yes it is very expensive but you can’t put a price on your vision. I have hidden behind glasses for too long and it is time that i stopped hiding and really showed the world who i am. 

I would like to thank a very special person in my life for giving me his support to do this. No more hiding and no more shying away from who i am. Thank you!

Smile! 🙂

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