My trip to Dubai: The Sofitel Palm

View from the Burj Khalifa

I recently returned from Dubai and before i left, i tried to find out more information about going there, what to wear and what i should look forward to. However, disappointedly, there wasn’t much out there on the internet. Despite the hoards of people who have visited the country, no one had bothered to describe the country for what it is and what to expect when you get there.
No i am not about to slate the country and say that it is not as good as it has been described as, it really is amazing. A whole city built in a desert in less than 100 years is an accomplishment for any country and the amount of care which has been put into making it as welcoming as possible makes it stand out from other tourist attractions. 

We arrived very flustered and weary from an overnight flight on Emirates with a crying child a few aisles over, and got immediately engulfed into the Dubai heat. We took a cab from the airport, a pink one for us as it was those travelling with women and got dropped off at our hotel, The Sofitel Palm.

Pool view at the Sofitel Palm hotel

The Sofitel Palm hotel

When i say heaven feels like this, i am not exaggerating. We arrived at the Sofitel Palm and got given the warmest reception i have ever received at a hotel. We were greeted with smiles and graces as they walked us in to the hotel and checked us in. With cool towels and cucumber mint juice, we were shown around the hotel including the magnificent pools and spa. Our room was even more fantastic with sea views and the most amazing rain shower which literally washed away memories of our flight. 
The beautiful indoor garden walls in the corridors of the Sofitel Palm 
The hotel has seven different restaurants and we were given half board at two of them. We didn’t need to venture to the other, the closest one to us Manava was brilliant. A buffet style breakfast. lunch and dinner with food from all over the world meant that i never needed to discover anywhere else to eat. I know that sounds incredibly boring but i am not a big foodie, so having the comfort of well made food on my doorstep was perfect. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone, the service is impeccable and the staff cater to your every whim make it a slice of heaven. They are helpful every step of the way and they never stop smiling!
The food buffet at the Sofitel Dubai Palm
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