My trip to Dubai: Desert Safari

The Falcon Display

Having seen all the photos and vlogs about the Desert Safari, i was desperate to have a go and see just what the fuss was about. Words cannot describe how amazed i was seeing the vast expanse of the Arabia desert before me when i got my first glimpse. It is beautiful and i loved how alluring and mysterious it is. First up on the tour was the falcon display where a poor little falcon was put on display showing the immense speed it can fly at when it hunts its prey. The heat in the desert was ridiculous and the falcon was really put through its paces and was physically panting at the end of its 15 minute display. It was informative too as its trainer told us all about the amount of work and time it takes to train up the falcon to perform for him. 

Riding the sand dunes

Sliding down the sand dunes enclosed inside a vehicle was one experience that i was not looking forward to. It looked terrifying and i really don’t have the stomach to be thrown around in a jeep at high speeds down sandy slopes. I am happy to report that it wasn’t as terrible as i thought it would be and it was rather fun. The slipping and sliding on the sand dunes had my teeth on edge at some point when it looked as though the jeep would flip over, however, i survived and chalked it up to a life experience. 

Dinner for two in the sand dunes

I had a very memorable moment in the desert courtesy of my soulmate but i don’t think it is appropriate for me to talk about it on here. However i was treated to a camel ride which was a great laugh for both of us. Our camel was called Ferrari and he took care of us as he slid down the sand dunes carrying us as his heavy load. We then had a very romantic dinner for two in the desert with our very own personal chef. The food was delicious and each course was better than the one before. The amount of care and attention we had throughout the safari was brilliant and they helped create some lovely memories for both of us. 

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